21 Nov

The Amazon Washout: And why it’s good for us

Amazon.com considered to be the largest online retail company and leader in customer service, has announced they are phasing out their Amazon Wines Marketplace at the end of 2017. This decision is a based on their recent partnership with Whole Foods and regulatory hurdles that challenged the business. Wine will be offered through their other channels of Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and Whole Foods Market.

Color Wine was weeks out from making its launch on to the Amazon Wine platform. We were ready and excited for the exposure this could give the company. And then just like that, all plans shattered.  Initially we were crushed. We saw this as a major blow to our online selling and distribution, however, then we saw the upside. You might be wondering how this is positive news for us? The reason being the same as what makes Amazon so great. Every small winery is either on or striving to be on the Amazon Wine platform. We were late to join the party, therefore, many companies already had established a presence and combatted the learning curve associated. The closure acts as a washout for the entire industry. It disrupts and challenges company’s current business models.

No question Amazon Wine would have helped sales, exposure, and overall growth for the company. However, we have been sustainable without the partnership and have already implemented a solution. Color Wine’s online orders will be fulfilled by Chateau Diana Winery and Marketplace (www.chateaud.com) which ships nationwide.

This is all part of a startup. It forces you to pivot and be flexible as a company. You have to be quick to action and can never become complacent with the business. The washout ultimately allows us to capture previously controlled market share.

17 Nov

Introduction to Color Wine


This postdates Color Wine’s first official blog post. One might question our motives behind a blog. Something perceived as been ‘overdone’ and ‘saturated’ it seems a little late to be getting in to the game.

On the contrary, the concept behind the blog captures everything the Color Wine brand is about. Color wine’s mission is to bridge the gap between the beauty of wine and the youth. We want to strip wine of all misconceptions and stigmas associated. We look to act as the liaison to younger generations to help graduate them from that box of Francesca to appreciating and understanding what is inside that bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet.

Wine is supposed to be exciting and fun. It’s not meant to intimidate one or cater to a particular social class. Cultures all over the world, from all socioeconomic classes, have and continue to enjoy wine. It’s part their culture and livelihood and we want the same.

Color wine is built on a strong community. Forged out of Newport Beach California we want to share, connect, and educate this generation on how wine doesn’t have to be this unattainable beverage as so perceived.

Be a part of this experience as we take a deep dive into wine culture and community.


The Color Wine Team